Global Health Corps' 2021-2022 fellows are
 responding to COVID-19 & strengthening health systems in their communities. Support them with a gift to #LeadershipMatters today.

Your gift supports GHC leaders responding to COVID-19 & strengthening health systems in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, & Zambia. 

Reason #1 to Give USD50

GHC coalitions in 8 countries responded to real-time needs in their communities during COVID-19. Effective leadership is key to stronger health systems.


Reason #2 to Give USD100

96% of partners said GHC fellows met or exceeded work goals during their fellowship last year. Our 2021-2022 fellows will make an impact in non-clinical roles within frontline health organizations.


Reason #3 to Give USD500

Young Africans are vastly underrepresented in global health leadership. By investing in GHC’s all-African national fellow cohort, you’ll help change the status quo.


Reason #4 to Give USD1000

67% of GHC leaders are female. Women from low and middle-income countries hold just 5% of top leadership roles in global health, so your gift will help close the gender gap.


Reason #5 to Give USD2500

82% of GHC alumni continue to work in global health and human development beyond the fellowship. Less leadership turnover = faster systems change.


Reason #6 to Give USD5000

76% of GHC leaders spoke publicly, published writing, or engaged in advocacy last year. GHC catapults diverse leaders to global stage and pages in a sector where the perspectives of white, western, male academics and clinicians have been historically centered.


Reason #7 to Give USD5000

95% of GHC leaders reported their engagement with GHC developed their capacity to advance diversity, equity, & inclusion in their work. Systems leaders who apply an equity lens to global health work are not born, they’re made.


Reason #8 to Give USD10000

The fellowship is a launching pad for an impactful career in global health: 99% of alumni attribute their professional achievements - from leading award-winning national health interventions like LifeBank to delivering mainstage addresses at the United Nations - to their involvement with GHC.


About the Campaign

The pandemic has revealed how much #LeadershipMatters as a powerful lever for change. Who leaders are and how they operate can be a matter of life and death for the communities they serve, especially during crises. But great leaders aren’t born, they're made. 

At Global Health Corps (GHC), we're committed to intentionally building diverse, effective, connected, and influential leaders by investing in them early and often throughout their careers.

GHC is proud to have supported our network of 1,000+ leaders’ to respond to COVID-19 and advance health equity in their communities over the past year.

Now, we’re launching our 2021-2022 fellow class. They’re  filling critical roles in data analysis, architecture, eHealth, supply chain, and more with frontline health organizations in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia. Will you help us invest in their potential to transform their communities as they build back from COVID-19? 


To give via mobile money:

  • Malawi: +265 994 848343, Account Name: Mlezi Mtambalika

  • Rwanda: *182*8*1*300805#, Account name: GLOBAL HEALTH CORPS

  • Uganda: +256 776 980895, Account Name: Bryan Tumusiime 

  • Zambia: ‎+260 96 0706642, Account Name: Global Health Corps

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